What I do….


I love to make sets of dishes. So I limit my custom order work to entire sets of beautiful wares that will grace you shelves at home. Together we can come up with the perfect shape color and print that makes your and my heart sing. Custom order prices start at $500



I love to paint! its a wonderful way to have more of an instant gratification experience considering all the steps that go into the ceramic process.I love that when a brush stroke goes onto a painting. Its there just as you left it, not melting or changing at 2100 degrees. I am inspired by a style called intuitive painting. This painting process starts out playing in the color and in the shapes of brush marks. With no initial plan of what I will paint this style evolves as the different layers get built up and the painting informs me as to what it will end up being.



 Often I make one of a kind series of art, so when you come in the shop and see something you love there is a great chance that there will only be one and you better take it home with you right then! I Love to use 14k gold and sterling silver to create my jewelry line, I incorporate labradorite, rock quartz and other precious gems in my work. Simple modern lines and beauty is what attracts me.

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